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Welcome to Powerflow Chiropractic - Dr Sandy Bhasin - Mississauga, Ontario


Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to meeting you soon. Our mission in this office is to help you fully express you God given potential by providing specific scientific Chiropractic adjustments.

We love to see patients and their families feel their best, get stronger, express more energy, sleep better, improve their digestion all through the power of a gentle, natural Chiropractic adjustment.

Please feel free to explore our website - and especially take a moment to see our patient success stories. We are grateful to see some many people have their lives turnaround and we only wish the same for you. Call our office today at 905.896.3393 to book your free consultation so we can start working towards a better you!

God Bless,

Dr. Sandy Bhasin


The clinic uses CORESCORE technology to asses patient's health.
This new technology measures the health of organs, muscles and heart to provide best possible treatment for our patients.