No. The technique we use in this office is different from most Chiropractors. It is based on procedure called KST. That means a gentle adjustment is given with no heavy pushing, pulling or twisting. In fact we can adjust patients lying down, seated or standing.

Yes. Just like you need regular nutrition, regular exercise, regular eye and teeth care to prevent health problems in the future – you need regular Chiropractic even if you feel fine. I see a Chiropractor myself at least once a week – just for prevention and to keep my mind and body feeling strong.
Chiropractic is designed for the young and old. I’ve had patients under care in their 80’s and could provide Chiropractic to them with full confidence because the technique I use is gentle.
Yes. Everyone needs Chiropractic especially expecting mothers since their body, nerve system and hormones are going through so many changes. Plus the technique I use is gentle and convienent enough that the mom can have her adjustment seated. A healthy nerve system will actually help the mom feel better, give the fetus proper neurological input and usually results in a delivery that’s easier and quicker.

Give yourself 1 hour to fill out the paperwork and consultation.

In our office we use laser thermography and surface EMG to access the health of your spinal cord and nervous system. If needed – we will refer out for x-rays.
No. Chiropractic like dentistry is privatized. OHIP does cover the cost of xray if necessary.
Yes. Any extra information would be helpful.
No. We charge at time of service and issue you a receipt which you will send to your insurance company to receive reimbursement.
Ideally the clothes you wear should be relaxed and comfortable and not be tight or restrict movement. This will allow for an optimal Chiropractic adjustment.
Absolutely. We actually offer an Orientation every Tuesday and Thursday over how to get the most out of care – and how to maintain your results for a lifetime. This class is mandatory for new patients within the first 7 days of care since the results are much better. There is no extra charge for this program – and this presentation is open to people who are part of our office and the community as well. The Powerflow Protocol is Function (Chiropractic), Fitness (Cardio and Resistance Training) and Fuel ( High Quality Nutrition and Supplements) . With this formula – we change people’s lives everyday.
The patients who are consistent, keep their appointments and follow my recommendations. The more you get involved – the better results you’ll get.
True healing on a deep level – takes time and repetition. If you’re committed – anything is possible.



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