Below are the reviews from our patients who have had their lives changed with gentle and specific Chiropractic care. Please take a moment to see how we are changing lives everyday. Thank you.

The first positive change I felt was I had such a bad sleep at night which always made my next day lousy and depressed, but after coming here my sleep is getting better and better now.

My shoulders were always stiff and pain was catching my head and shoulders like I am a still dummy. But now my neck is so good at moving. I feel rarely any pain if I bend and work or anything which was hurting before.

Neetu S.
This place is unbelievable. When I first came here, right at the very first moment I felt positive energy around. I used to have very excruciating pain on off all the time, the frequency has already gone down quite a lot. I feel no pain even after standing straight which was next to impossible before. I still have a little bit pain, but it has definitely gone down. Used to feel constant pinching on left side, which feels very good now. I was amazed to see results after 10 sessions with Dr Sandy. The only hope I had was surgery which I don’t even think right now.
Hirak P.
Decreased tightness of neck, back and other muscles. Much lower frequency or close to none at all of various issues. Better sense of being, happiness and feeling of centerness.
Anthony K.
I feel much better than when I cam to Dr Sandy. Before I couldnt sleep all night, could sit for long. But now I feel myself very light. I sleep well and night and wake up fresh.
Thanks to Dr Sandy
Mandeep K.
I feel happier as I am no longer ‘pain killer’ dependent. My lower back pain has reduced by 80%. My attitude has become more positive. I laugh more and feel good. I make a conscious effort to eat a lot better and healthier. Most of all I am sleeping, and that too without any sedative medication, for the first time in 5 years! The minute you enter this clinic, you are surrounded by positivity and feel lighter and better.Thank you, this is truly God’s blessings. You are truly blessed Dr Sandy. Keep up the good work.
Salman K.
Feel more energetic, less pain in my back . My arthritis in my hand doesn’t hurt anymore. Feel more focused at work. More flexibility from doing stretching exercises.
Amy W.
More energy, my back pain had reduced
Even with a lot of strenuous household chores, back pain has reduced.
Feels Good.
Jayashree S.
At the beginning of my sessions I had trouble with bending over, tieing my shoes, playing with the kids, things like that. But after the few sessions I’ve done all of the above has improved
Roy H.
-Less neck pain
-Normal blood pressure
-Less headaches
Health is much better.
Nalani A.
– Increased energy
– Less anxiety
– Reduced knee/lower back pain
– Increased water intake
– Increased fruits/vegetable consumption
Namrita S.
– Frequency of headaches is less
– Energy level is improved
Vaishali J.
I have had a lot of changes in my overall health. My back pain has been decreased and I am able to sleep more comfortable. Dr Sandy has done a wonderful job for me and I thank him for his help. I look forward to complete all my appointments and to be 100% okay before I finish his treatment.
Celochanee S.
Better and good energy level
Reduced pain and inflammation in back
good sleep at night
More strength in legs to stand long hours
No pain right hip side area
Reduced stiffness in body when you get up from being seated to walk
Overall feel good with body and mind.
Yolanda M.

– Working longer hours
– Meeting deadlines
– Walking daily
– Energy coming up
– Balance is better

Sameer N.
Stiffness in left shoulder has gone away.
No aches and pains.
Lots more energy.
Vinod C.
The stiffness on the right side of my neck has almost disappeared. The swelling on my right index finger has come down to a bearable level and dropping. Also my second toe on my left foot is getting better. The swelling has gone down a fair bit. The pain is not as much in the mornings.
Mahendra P.
– More balanced
– Steadier vision
– More independent
– Working half-day (4 hours)
– More confident
Samir N.
Dear Dr. Sandy Bhasin,
For almost five years I have been coming to your office regularly for chiropractic treatment and have learnt a lot. Implementing your recommendations regarding lifestyle, diet and exercise along with what I learn from you video’s, and seminars is continuing to help me.
I am pleased to state that since my recent medical check up, my doctor has informed me for the third consecutive year, my blood pressure has been normal and stable, the cholesterol level is normal with significant improvement in the LDL (bad cholesterol) level being well below the normal recommended range, and remarkable improvement in the unstable angina. I sleep better and my energy level has improved. He has suggested that I continue whatever I am doing as it has improved my overall health.
Thank you once again for your recommendations, suggestions, and the treatment. Meeting you has resulted in much better and a healthy life for my family and me. May god bless you!
Best wishes and regards.
Jay M.
Since I have started with Dr. Sandy, my lower back pain has improved, some discomfort at times but no severe pain. The pain in my knees have improved. Still having pain in my shoulders but Dr. Sandy is working on them. On a whole, I am improving. I appreciate Dr. Sandy’s kindness and the gentle ways that he attends to me. Thank you for your patience.
Edna C.
Dear Dr. Sandy Bhasin,
I am pleased to inform you that since commencing chiropractic treatmeant, at your office, there has been a significant improvement in my health. In particular I wish to state:
– Migraine that I used to have frequently (twice a week or more), I no longer suffer from these headaches. I am more relaxed, and am able to sleep better, and no longer do I take pain killers.
– Last yearI was diagnosed for diverticulitis which caused severe stomach pain any time I consumed food or had juice. Your treatment combined with the dietry changes recommended is helping me significantly. I am pleased to state that the stomach pain has decreased by almost 95%.
Coming to your office for treatments regularly helps control and helps prevent my health issues. I have been gradually able to reduce my dependence on medications.

Thank you for helping me.

Veena M.
Well I am so happy finally I am in a good hand and saw some difference in my pain and I am positive soon I will be normal and start doing my work.
Dr Sandy is very gentle and knowledgeable person and under his direction, I am on right path and which leads towards my good painless days.
Lata P.
Since I have started from Oct-2011. My knee pain has almost gone 75% and my back pain has disappeared. Overall mu energy level is very high. I sleep well. I have cut down on my caffeine intake. I have started doing regular exercise.
All the credit goes to Dr Sandy and Dr Mansoor. They certainly have a pair of magic hands.
Once again thanks to Dr Sandy and Dr Mansoor.
Thank u
Damayanti P.
I have more energy.
My shoulder pain is very dull and minimal.
My shoulder mobility has increased.
My back pain has subsided and I feel more positive and energetic.
Bhanu P.
I feel great, I am able to walk without dragging my feet, the pain in my left knee is close to healing completely. I feel my energy has returned by 60%. Dr Sandy you are the best thing that happened to me and God Bless you! I do and will always refer all my friends and co-workers to Dr Sandy. Dr Sandy is honest and always smiling and always ready to listen and help, in return we have to help ourselves.
Ronald D.
– Very good sleep
– Think positive
– Very less pain in body
Shabana K.
When I start first days I have trouble to walk, Now I have less pain and I am thankful to Dr Sandy. I hope when I finish treatment I feel better.
Thank you so much
Jyotsna P.
* Reduced pain in the left shoulder
* Reduced pain in the left side of my back
* Lower Blood Pressure count
* More relaxed during the day
* Better quality of sleep in the night
* My sugar count is normal
* My energy level has increased
Mohan S.
– Reduced headaches
– Better Sleep
– More Energy
Mariam M.
Decrease in headache and neck pain. I have an increase in energy throughout the day as well.
Mathew S.
I wish other professionals can be like Dr Sandy- willing to listen to your issues. Feel comfortable to talk to, very honest and I believe standard of morals is very high. I am so glad that I have find the right person who helps me. In just one treatment I found results.
Sita R.

My standing balance is improved alot. Whole body feels better. Right knee pain is less than before. My sleep is much better now.

Dokhan L.
My back pain has decreased a lot.
No neck pain
Approximately 40% improvement in my left knee
Thank You
Damayanti P.
– Increased Stamina
– Reduced pain in shoulder and arm
– Colds decreased in length
– Better posture
Diane T.
I see that my back pain and neck pain has decreased and I am also able to sleep well. I also feel very energetic after the adjustment which lasts throughout the day.
Madhuram P.
After the car accident, I could barely walk and the once-simple action of turning my head was impossible.
Regular visits to Dr Sandy has allowed me to regain a lot of my mobility again. Although I still have some restrictions, people would not even recognize that I’m the same person I was a few months ago.
Thank you Dr Sandy!
Rena A.
I am proud to say for the past 8 years, I’ve went through leaps and bounds to where I am today. For the past 2 years I haven’t keep to a regular routine by coming to my appointments. By getting back on track I’ve noticed a 180 degree turn in direction with my attitude, health and well being.
Thank you Dr Sandy & Team!!
As if weren’t for you, I’l still be on the path of destruction.
Michael T.
A very big thanks to Dr Sandy. God bless him for his magical healing touch which has saved my life. I went to several Neurologists and Specialists but no one could help me with my pain. Dr Sandy is the one who has helped my pain and sufferings. I want to sincerely thank him from the bottom of my heart. Because of him, I am feeling the same as I was before my head injury. In words, I cant thank him enough. I can’t repay him for what he has done for me. And I believe he could do this for anyone. He gave me a new life and inspired me to be hopeful in life. I feel God has sent him to heal people like me and others through his work.
God Bless him always and forever.
Anita P.
* Back Pain reduced.
* Numbness in hands reduced.
Luciano D.
Their is no more numbing to my leg and pain to my back. And the headache i have is completely gone. Now I am more energetic than before.
Arceli N.
– Tingling sensation has gone.
– Chest and tail bone reduced following adjustments, still in progress to improve.
Melanie B.
Since I have been coming here, my health level is over 100 percent. My pain is completely gone. I would recommend Dr Sandy to everybody which I have been doing anyway. I have been to Chiropractors before but this office is thousand times better. Dr Sandy’s honesty is unbelievable.
Bernard S.
Blood pressure is nearly controlled ranging between 170-180/70-80 when I came it was 222/120.
Knee pain – when I came it was quite often, now it is much less-once or twice a month
Sleep is much better than before.
Bowel movements are very good and comfortable.
Raghunath R.
Since I have started care with Dr Sandy Bhasin, I have noticed much better movements, standing and walking for longer times. My mood has change, also my lifestyle.

Thanks to Dr Sandy Bhasin

Rosina M.
Much less pain and more improvement
Awareness of how spine works
How to keep from aggravating the problem
Garry C.
– Shoulder pain has disappeared.
– Energy level increased.
– Finger joints doesnot ache.
Vinod C.
–> Increased flexibility and less pain in my back
–> Slow increase in energy levels allows me to deal with my stress schedules
–> Decrease in overall headaches experienced
–> Overall posture changes
–> Feel stronger
–> Able to stand upright and hold posture for a longer period of time
–> Increased appreciation for chiropractic care and organic foods via Dr Bhasin’s seminars
Alvinder S.
Before I came for treatment, I had knee, foot and hip problems. I used to enjoy physical activities such as soccer, basketball and volley ball before I had these pains. When I came for my first three visits, I knew I came to the right place. My flexibility increased, no more joint pains and my energy level increased by 40%. I’m only 13 and I should be enjoying these activities/sports as a teen. I want to show others that Dr Sandy Bhasin is a a miracle worker and others should enjoy his care. As I said before, Dr Sandy Bhasin is the best Chiropractor I’ve ever been to.
Ahmed A.
I first heard about Dr Sandy Bhasin from one of our colleagues, while I was already on severe left leg pain. She advised me to go see him; however at that time I was already going through other treatment like massage therapy, acupuncture, before that physiotherapy. These all were on top of medical treatments. This pain actually first appeared in Feb 2010, since then it gradually continued to increase despite all kind of treatments. Since the beginning of 2011, the pain was tending to increase at an exponential rate. The uniqueness of the pain was-its severity that I felt mostly in the morning, gradually it subsides over the day.
In July,2011, I got stranded at home due to extreme pain, and became bedridden. There were no other options I left with. I had to come to Dr Sandy’s office as a last resort. On my first visit Dr Sandy informed me that he could cure it, as such i became optimistic; following all his advices and adjustments I started to feel better. During that time I could not move, stand, sit and walk. That too pain killer like morphine could not do anything to my pain; on his suggestions I gave up pain killers. I was on walker, thereafter Cane, and by the will of God, along with Dr Sandy’s treatment I am now on my feet, walking 3-5 Km almost on a daily basis. I would say, i am 90-95% ok, except feeling little pain while walking long distance.
My family and I are thankful to him. He has a great team; I also thank them all for their excellent support and services. Dr Sandy’s professionalism and passion for the people’s total healthcare and well being is greatly appreciated. His presentation on health tips and generosity to whole family health care is really commendable. I would definitely recommend anyone who is going through the problems such as Sciatica, or others to come visit Dr Sandy Bhasin’s office.
Mohammed H.
I have no allergies, so I don’t have to take any allergy pills. Since June 2011, I did not suffer any migraines that I was suffering from. My lower back pain down to my two knees and left foot has almost vanish. So overall I am 75% healed. Thanks to this great individual Dr Sandy. God made me want to live longer. So he created this wonderful Doctor. God bless him and his wonderful staff as well.
Deoranie S.
Awakening in the morning was very bad for me, used to get up from bed with severe backpain, was having about 4 painkillers per day.
Since coming to Dr.Bhasin, I can get up with no pain at all and am able do to lot of housework that I could not even think of doing. My energy level is improved and I can walk for a longer period without having my lower back ach.

It is all thanks to Dr. Bhasin. God bless him for helping me.

Pushpa S.
Dear Dr. Sandy Bhasin,
Over the past two and half years, the treatment for my lower back, left shoulder and joint pains you have provided consistently each week has relieved me significantly of my discomfort and pain. I am pleased to inform that the pain in the lower back, left shoulder and joints have decreased by 95%.
Along with the treatment I also follow the exercise and diet recommendations. The knowledge I acquired at your evening seminars on power foods has been a great help, and has resulted in lowering and controlling my cholesterol and blood pressure levels significantly and well within the normal limit. I am able to sleep better, with the result my energy level has also improved.
Thank you very much for everything you have done. Coming to you has been the best decision I made.

Best Regards

Jay M.
I have been suffering from several medical conditions and have been visiting Dr Bhasin since last 2 and half years. I have been consistently following what is been advised by Dr Sandy from time to time and have been maintaining my follow up visits.
Dr Bhasin does miracle, really it is a miracle everytime. His treatments are unimaginable. Without taking medication, my overall health has been improved and I feel more vibrant and able to perform and manage my professional and family life in a wonderful way. I will be greatful to Dr Sandy throughout my life.
Manjeet R.
* My BP is much down
* Feel more energetic
* Walk more than before
* Less pain in Knee joint
* Can sleep better
Raghunath R.
– My leg and back pain has reduced.
– Can move, walk with the help of walker.
– Now driving as well.
– Feel like getting better soon.
Mohammed H.
My headaches disappeared, allergies disappeared, no stomach pain, no more dry skin.
Overall, I have seen lots of changes.
Thanks to Dr Sandy!
May God always bless him and his staff.
Deoranie S.
– Less pain on right side of the legs
– Walking longer periods
Nadira N.
I’ve seen a great change in myself in terms of having a stiff/sore neck. I feel fresh every morning and look forward to my days’s activities with lots of energy. I also find myself no longer having headaches which is something that always bothered me.
Nikhil S.
Since I’ve started treatment, my energy level has increased and my anxiety has decreased. Dr Sandy and staff have been a wonderful part of my life and they’re all so kind. The customer service at this clinic is top notch, wouldn’t ask for anything more.
Amrita D.
1. Left hip pain has reduced tremendously
2. Feeling more relaxed
3. Lots more energy
I have really appreciated Dr Sandy’s effective care and attention to my neck pain. His thorough adjustments over the past month has helped reduce the amount of headaches and TMJ pains I have been experiencing. My pain was frequent sometimes 3-4 times a week. Since having been in his care and adopting his recommended health changes, I just feel an overall better quality of life.
Thanks Dr Sandy, blessings to you always !!!
Chantal S.
Aryan was suffering from colic from the age of 3 weeks old. He would clench his fists, shake, draw his knees to his chest and cry non-stop for 3-4 hours every night. He started treatment with Dr Bhasin at about 8 weeks old. After a few sessions we started to see some improvement, his crying was not as long and he started to look a little more comfortable.

Aryan is now a different baby. He doesn’t cry for hours anymore and he sleeps for longer periods through the night. After seeing how much Aryan improved my husband and I also started treatment.

Raksha R.
1. Energy level have increased
2. Acidity have reduced dramatically
3. Getting good sleep
4. Able to play games/sports
5. Feel very positive towards life
Prasanta S.
For over a year I had been suffering with chronic pain inmy left arm after an H1N1 injection which damaged the nerve running from my shoulder to my wrist. All usual sources of pain relief had only minimal effect and I was having trouble sleeping since it was impossible to find a position which would relieve the ache.
Then Dr Sandy came to my Rotary Club as our guest speaker where he explained all the benefits which can be experienced from skilled chiropractic treatment.
Without more ado I came to his office and began a course of treatment. After about two initial visits, I began to experience increased mobility and decreased pain so I Knew that this was the help I needed. Now I am able to resume my exercise classes, lift and carry and best of all sleep soundly again.
Thank you, Dr Sandy, for your excellent care which I am more than pleased to endorse since you have cured what I thought was an incurable problem.
Sheila E. F.
At first I thought I would not see the end of my back problem, but as it gets better I started believing in the fact that it could be back to normal, for that I am very grateful for meeting Dr Sandy and Dr Zunaid.
Robby D.
I used to get very bad leg cramps and that was my part of life especially in winter time. I mentioned that to Dr Sandy. Immediately he made some adjustments from hip to feet. That day onwards I never had cramps yet. After witnessing my improvement now my wife is getting treatment from Dr Sandy. I will recommend Dr Sandy to everyone I know and I believe that will be the best gift I could give to my friends. Once again thank you so much doctor for giving me a healthy pain free life.
Thamboo S.

1.Frequent excruciating headaches
2.Low energy level
4.Could not read for more than an hour without neck pain and headaches
5.Had problems with falling asleep and waking up in the morning
6.Used to have craving for sweets

After starting care with Dr Sandy:
1.No headches
2. Increased energy level even after p.m
4.Can study or work all day long with no or slight pain
5.Fall asleep as soon as my head touches the pillow
6.No craving for sweets

Elena Z.
Better sleep
Decreased back pain
Trying to eat healthier, portion control
Cut out pop, cut out milk
Increased exercise
More spiritual …
Happy and enjoy life!
Larry T.
My blood work has been improving to the point where i’m off my medications i’ve been on for 10 years since I was 15 years old.
Alexandria F.
– My back pain has reduced.
– Getting more sleep (sound sleep).
– Feel more relaxed.

On the whole I got a very good feeling and my general health condition has improved.
My Most chosen thanks to you Dr Sandy.

Vijay M.
Since I met Dr Sandy my life got better. He has a gift from God and God uses him to do healing to those that accept. I can sleep better, i can think better and my whole outlook on life is more positive. I have lots of support from Dr Sandy. He goes beyond his normal duties as a Chiropractor to make sure that I am improving in health and in every aspect of my life. He is a true inspiration to my life and he has encouraged me as well to be a better person. I thank God for using him to heal people. I have a more positive attitude and i can cope with life much better.
Roy S.
My sleep has gotten better. Reduced my upper back pain to 70% to 80%. My hip pain is almost gone.

I like about Dr. Sandy is he does not stick to one therapy. He tries so many different techniques to fix all the problems.

He is so passionate about his work. Thank you Dr. Bhasin to help me improve my health. God bless you & keep doing good job & help the people improve their overall health

Jigar D.

I am not as tired, have more energy.
I have been coming to see Dr. Sandy at least once a week.
The staff is very helpful, questions are answered promptly.
It is always nice to see Dr. Sandy.

Pargan S.
– More balance
– More energy
– More positive
– More outgoing
– More relaxed
– More grateful
– More stable vision

Sincerely thankfull to Dr. Sandy.
Gave me hope when other doctors did not.

Samir N.
Knee has improved a lot. Before I had to struggle to walk, especially after
sitting or driving. But now I just get up and walk thanks to Dr. Sandy.
He is an excellent doctor.
Ramesh M.
I feel energetic, less twitching in my whole body. I can stand for long hours and feel happy. Thanks to Dr Sandy who take care of me when I need him and I was under depression because of my health.
Me and my family wants to continue our adjustments and we are very grateful to Dr Sandy and his staff members.
Krishna K.
– Headaches are gone.
– Neck pain is low.
– Lower Back Pain is not noticeable.
Patricia C.
– Sleeping better than before
– Less medication
– Less headaches
– Trying to think positively
– Making food changes
Surinder D.
Well, I am just repeating what I say to Dr Sandy everytime I see him. Dr Sandy is an excellent healing practitioner, not only physically but emotionally. He was meant to be in this world to make people feel better. After coming to my sessions I notice that not only I feel better physically but I see life more relax, to realize that health is more important than other things. I feel that these sessions helped to improve my health.
-I can sleep better and for longer time
-I have more patience
-I laugh more
-I see life more positively and with more love.
Thank you for everything Dr Sandy, God Bless You
Mozhttn M.
Dr Bhasin is an amazing Doctor. I am feeling a lot better than before. However, most of my ailments require a slow down period and that is very difficult but I do try my best. Dr Bhasin has increased my energy level, sleep and has made me feel very comfortable and positive that things will get better, he has also helped my family members quite a lot and I would like to say how grateful I am for all that he has done.
Thanks Dr Bhasin, may God Bless you continuosly with good health, peace and happiness and also to your entire family.
Kamla M.

A note to express my deep gratitude for Dr. Sandy’s superior care. I appreciated the way he handled the severity of my condition with total care and grace. I was in severe lower back pain and so helpless – unable to sleep, sit or stand but the magic touch of his “healing hands” did the work and in three sessions I was up and running. My experience – be it any illness – a drastic cough, pneumonia or any major illness scare, ‘have no fear when Dr. Sandy is there’. Rightly said, when expertise and compassion come together, amazing things happen. I know I haven’t always been the most cooperative patient and his patience has not gone unnoticed. My improved health is a credit to Dr. Sandy’s expertise and attentiveness.Thank you for teaching me how to live healthy. The exercises, diet, supplements, chiropractic adjustments, and other recommendations have impacted me and changed my life in so many ways. He provides a truly unique and positive life changing approach and knowledge to health care.The power talks and health seminars conducted by him has given me awareness of what good health and better life is all about. His vast knowledge and experience coupled with his passion and time devotion to help people live better, makes him the extraordinary doctor that he is. Dr. Sandy truly is dedicated to improving the lives of his patients. For me, he is the last word where health is concerned. Finally it would be remiss if I didn’t complement his office staff as well. They too are amazing. I thank God for making Dr. Sandy part of our lives May God Bless You! Always in our prayers!—

Zakia S.
Since coming to Dr. Bhasin’s office I have felt significantly better… It has reduced the pain that I have lived with for many years. Also I have reduced the amount of medication I take for pain. My experience has been nothing but positive.
Intesar K.
Overall my health is better than before and I watched what I am eating. Eat healthy. Doing stretches. Sometimes I have pain but not like before. Thanks to Dr. Bhasin.
Shamsah A.
I sleep better.
My sciatica is much better.
My arm/shoulder is also better.
I stopped dairy which reduces my sinus congestion.
I’m motivated to eat healthier.
Tehnaz R.
Since I have started till now, neck pain is gone.
Back pain is very much gone.
Just a very little pain in lower back.
Feelings are very great.
Feels much more relaxed.
Balmiki P.
My digestion has improved and I no longer have to take pills after my meals.
My overall health has improved a lot.
I have recommended a lot of my friends and family to Dr Sandy.
Joyce M.
Less pain in my knees and elbows
Wanda T.
Since starting care I have noticed a decrease in my stress level and I feel more relaxed. I overall feel healthier, am eating better and exercising regularly.
Samantha T.
My pain level has reduced, especially my leg pain. Back pain has also reduced 50%. I have more energy to function.
Rachna S.
I was so impressed by Dr. Sandy and his whole staff from my very first visit. It is so evident that Dr. Sandy cares deeply for his patients. He has taught me the importance of a nutritious diet and daily exercise. My neck pain has totally disappeared and I have no more back pain. I thank you Dr. Sandy for the life skills that you have taught me.
I have been coming here for more than 2 years. Most of my health problems are gone. Dr Sandy helped me and my family. Lot of my family and friends started coming here They all are so grateful to Dr Sandy.
Hina P.
Ever since I started treatment my neck pain has goneand lower back pain has reduced considerably. I use to apply pain killers on back but after Chiropractic treatment, I don’t require pain killers anymore. Overall my pain has gone. Thanks to Dr Sandy for the excellent treatment. Also, thanks to clinic staff for the co-operative and friendly welcome.
Rashmikant M.
* Increase energy levels (able to sustain highly stressful days)
* Overall/continued improvement to spine and posture
* Decrease in back pain
* Increase appreciation (continued) for importance of Chiropractic care and maintainance
Alvinder S.

– I feel energetic , satisfied and happy.
– My back pain is reduced.

Vaishali B.
Able to sit longer!
Shriram D.
Less stress in shoulder, neck area
Less neck pain
Better movement
Less back and Sciatic pain
Less stressed
Overall improved feeling of wellness
Wanda D.
– Reduced pain level
– Proper understanding of how the nervous system works with day to day life.
– See things in life positively
– Noticeable increase in energy
Thank you!
Chad D.
I am feeling good, since I have started coming to Dr Sandy. My pain is much better than before.
Sheela P.
I am feeling good, since I have started coming to Dr Sandy. My pain is much better than before.
Sheela P.
My posture is straighter, I have fewer headaches, don’t feel constantly exhausted even when sleeping alot anymore and the non epileptic seizures which were my reason for coming have reduced dramatically and almost stopped. Thank you for your caring and personalized Chiropractic treatment.
Andrew K.
When I turn left right, I no longer feel the pain in the chest like before. The gas pain has subdued. Thanks for treating me.
Archilles K.
My breathing improved, less pain in the left knee now although there is still pain.
Ernesto H.
Since I have started treatment at the clinic I have improved from being immobile that I can now actually walk for a good hour without feeling weakness in my legs and back in October I was totally unable to walk at all!
Julie H.
Since I came I have noticed many positive changes. I was hard of hearing, I often use to have headaches and use to get bad neck pain. Coming 3 times a week, stop drinking caffeine and stopped taking pain killers too. My headaches decreased alot so my neck. I can happily live longer and follow Dr Sandy advice. Thank you Dr Sandy!!
Falie D.
– 50% less pain in the neck
– 50% less pain in the upper back and right shoulder
– Less pain in the right arm and hand
– Less migraine headaches
– Some improvement in lower back pain
Treatment in progress !!
Thank you so much Dr Sandy !
I started treatment with Dr Sandy in September. I had a pinched nerve on my upper back. The pain was really intense and I was not able to use my right hand at all. I was on really strong pain killers like Naproxen and Oxycodone which did not help me at all. Now, I feel 50% less pain, no pain killers at all. I think more positive. Thank you so much once again to Dr Sandy and his staff for the wonderful attitude.
Hoping to feel 100% pain free soon!!
Seema K.
* Reduced pain in the neck
* Reduced pain in my left shoulder
* Reduced pain in my left rib area
* My BP is normal and I do not have to take my medication
* No more Excedain for my migraines
* I can sleep well at night without waking up during the night because of pain
Mohan S.
I started my treatments after my car accidents and no relief from the physiotherapy treatments.
Since I started my visits with Dr Sandy Bhasin, I am feeling much better. Initially I started with 3 visits a week, later on to 2 visits and now once a week.
I thank Dr Bhasin to help me with the pain relief.
Vipin M.
– Overall health has improved.
– Knee pain drastically reduced.
– Headache is less.
– Less back pain
– Allergies improved.
Jayshriben P.
– Back Pain greatly reduced and almost nil.
– More aware of how to take care of my back and entire body.
Jacqueline F.
I have improved alot because I can sleep and I don’t feel the gas anymore.
Archilles K.
Dear Dr Sandy,
Some 10 weeks ago, I came to you with chronic back pains from neck to the hips. In order to cushion my pains I was walking in a front tilted position. My abnormal posture was noticeable to many. The X-Ray results indicated that I had spine displacements at 3 places, which was the reason for all the pains. The neck area was worst. To give you a small example of my pains and the thin…gs I couldnot do, I needed a step stool in order to climb a chair to change a light bulb. I could not walk a distance without making a couple of rest-stops on the way. All this began changing with your traetments. I am close to the end of my 12 wks-daily treatment plan and here under is a small list of all the cures, healings and improvements that I have experienced.
The three spine displacements are now in line or back to normal. My neck is back in the position at where it shoud be. Some of the height which was lost because of the spine displacements has been restored. The back pain from the neck to the hips has gone. The energy and the mobility levels have increased. I can now walk a good distance without any pains or rest-stops. I can climb a chair without the need of a step stool or support. I feel a marked improvements in the functioning of my internal organs. I sleep, eat and enjoy life better than before. You were also able to treat my lower abdominal pain which has healed considerably.
Your expertise and treatments were not the only source which brought about this change for me. The other contributors to my recovery are the various plans given by you; the diet plan, the home exercise plan and the home treatments plan. Without these plans the results as above would not have been possible. Your seminars and presentations were also valuable in changing my lifestyle for a healthy living.
Thank you Dr Sandy for returning me to a painless, medicine free and normal life. I want to also include loads of thanks to your always willing and helpful staff.
Ravi S.
When I came here my knee pain, sciatica and cough bothered me alot. I had shortness of breath. Now my knee pain and sciatica is better and my breathing is better.
The best thing has happened to me that I am conscious about what I eat and how much I eat. The importance of water, rest, sleep, all combined with physical exercise are important part of my daily routine.
Thanks to Dr Sandy and his caring attention to minor details and constant reminder about doing everything right has improved my overall health for the better.
Asha O.
* Back Pain is less.
* Have more Energy.
* Can move more faster.
Drupattie P.
Dear Dr Sandy,

I am pleased to say that approximately 70% of my pain has healed. My energy and mobility levels have increased and I feel more fit and strong than before. In addition to your treatments, your diet and exercise plans plus your weekly and monthly presentations have an equal share in achieving the best results. I have followed the diet and exercise plans to the last detail. I have experienced remarkable benefits and improvements from these plans. I have changed my lifestyle to stay on these wonderful plans permanently. They will help me live fit, healthy and medicine free.
I also want to add that you have a great staff. Like you, they are very welcoming, very caring and very dedicated.
Thank you, Best Regards,

Sherry S.
For about 8 years I have been suffering with pain from my neck down my back to my hips. From this pain I also have other medical issues. I had seen Dr Sandy on TV for some time. I made the decision to have a consultation and get an assessment. When he showed me his assessment I was shocked at what I had been living with for so long. The decision to start treatment has changed my health for the better.
Since the start of my treatment, I have made much improvement , on my back, legs and shoulders. My energy level has gone up. I feel much better, doing my every day activities, and much more. Thank you Dr Sandy Bhasin, for making me feel so good.
Rosina M.
I can see myself in much better shape than before. I had too much pain in my neck, arm and shoulder when I came to Dr Sandy first time. I couldn’t move my hand at all.
After 3 weeks I am feeling almost normal. My pain is less and I can sleep better. I got my energy back.
Most important my family is relaxed now. I can see smile on my wife’s face.
Thank you Dr Sandy
Pragnesh P.
More energetic and knees do not hurt as much. Can walk for more time and does not feel tired at all.

All thanks to Dr.Sandy. God bless you you have given my life back to me.

Damji S.
Less pain when waking up. More positive on the outcome.
Jeffrey P.
My energy level is high, i sleep very well and less pain as well.
Neeta A.
Many thanks to Dr Sandy! I now feel more relaxed and the pain in my feet has reduced significantly. Also, many thanks to your friendly staff and may Allah bless you all. 🙂
Nazmoon K.
– Less pain in neck and shoulders.
– My spine appears straighter.
– No more headaches.
– Back pain has subsided.
Danielle P.
My neck and shoulder pain has drastically decreased. I have more energy to do tasks. While before I would get tired easily. My back pain has shown improvement, the pain is decreasing. I use to take pain killers to stop the pain when it occured, but now there is no need for that. Thank you so much I feel like I have anew life, with good healthy future ahead.
Bhavika S.
* My energy levels has increased.
* Pain from my back in between shoulder blades extending to my chest has improved 60%.
* Have a positive feeling since pain has decreased.
* Body pains have decreased.
Arcadius F.
After a motor vehicle accident, I could hardly move because of intense pain. Although I am still healing, Dr Bhasin’s care has been a major factor in my entire wellness program and my pain levels are significantly lower than when we started. I’m beginning to feel more like I did prior to accident. Thanks Dr!
Rena A.
Since I started coming here, I have seen a very big difference in me. First of all, I was having a lot of pain in my back which is gone already. Secondly for walking, I had a very big problem. If somebody ask me walk, I hated it but now I have started walking without any problem at all. For that I bless Dr Bhasin from the bottom of my heart. I have been walking for atleast one to over half hour everyday. All because of my favourite Dr Sandy Bhasin. God Bless You once again.
Surinder S.
I’d like to send a quick “Thank you” to Dr. Bhasin. I recently began visiting him for serious pain in my lower back which travels through my leg to my foot. This pain had started recently and it had come to the point where it was becoming unbearable. The first thing I noticed about the way Dr. Bhasin’s practice works was that he takes the time to carefully learn about the medical history of the patient. He was quick to note that I was a patient of severe hypertension and that I suffer from high blood pressure. I have been taking extremely powerful medication for this very condition from the last 5 years. To my surprise, in just our first interaction, Dr. Bhasin claimed he would be able to help control what my family doctor had been struggling to control with medication from the last 5 years. In just over 8-10 sessions, I have noticed a major change in terms of my blood pressure. I find myself getting regular “normal zone” readings now. Along with this, my original concern of lower back pain is also beginning to get better. I visit Dr. Bhasin from the opposite side of town 5 days a week and have absolutely no regrets. I have full faith in the treatment I am receiving at Dr. Bhasin’s office and wish him the very best for all his current and prospective patients. It is our good fortune to have a doctor who takes his work to heart and is working for humanity above all else. Thank you.
Virender S.
– Better sleep
– Lower Blood Pressure
– More relaxed
Mitchell B.

* My weight levels on the scale are balanced.
* Reduced neck pin and back ache
* Better sleep
* No migraine from the last 3 months

Yugandar K.
– More Energy
– Less Headaches
– Not as much stiffness in the neck and shoulders
– More movement in Shoulder rotation
Danielle P.
I am very grateful to Dr Sandy and his team members. They have helped me recover from a hiatal hernia and avoid recommended surgery.
There professionalism and compassion has allowed me to strive to reach my full wellness potential. Ultimately to achieve a better life by enjoying time with family friends and daily activities with less pain and symptoms.
Miracles do happen and one of the best decisions I have made was to agree to open my mind and body to chiropractic care with Dr Sandy and Dr Zunaid.
My faith has been restored and I am getting stronger, more positive and healthier every day.
Denise P.
My lower back pain is gone. Also frequent headaches are not there as often as they were in the past. I used to have atleast 2 migraine headches per month,they have gone. Also, my energy levels has increased about 55% more than before.
Julio R.
I always believed myself to be normal and healthy until a sudden and severe back pain forced me to take days off of work. I could not sit nor walk without assistance. At the reference of my colleagues, I visited Dr. Bhasin. Although I was initially very sceptical about the nature of treatment, it was next to miraculous at how fast I recovered. I resumed full mobility within 1 week of treatment. Alongside the treatment, Dr. Bhasin helped me identify the source of my problem and recommended lifestyle improvements to prevent a recurrence. I am now a firm believer and have recommended him to my family and friends!

Thank you for your help!




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