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To see if we can help you - your Initial Consultation is FREE.

To learn about the health of your body and your spine - we wil be taking:

a) Your Complete History
b) Blood Pressure
c) 2 Computer Scans (surface EMG and thermography to measure the health of your spine)
d) Bilateral Weight Scale Measurement
e) Physical Evaluation of your spine by Dr. Sandy
f) X-rays of the Spine if necessary (covered by OHIP)

After gathering all your information and Dr. Sandy has had a chance to analyze the information on your following visit Dr. Sandy will let you know:

a) Can we accept your case?
b) How long will it take?
c) How much will it cost.

Our normal fee for a Chiropractic adjustment is $40/visit.

Our Committment to you:

We are here to serve as many people and families as possible to fully express their God given potential. If you need any finanical assistance please talk to our team and we will do our best to offer an affordable fee so you can get the care you need to get healthy again. We believe every person and family has the right to be healthy.


Family Fee:

Because we passionate about helping as many families get healthy and stay healthy we offer a family fee to make care affordable. This way the entire family can experience the health benefits of Chiropractic care.




God Bless,

Dr. Sandy Bhasin

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