Bhasin Family Christmas Holiday Pic 2021
I just wanted to take a moment to say I truly appreciate you and thank you for choosing our office for your healthcare needs. I also appreciate all the referrals we get year after year. I am totally honoured.
Please use this holiday time to rest and refresh. And also reflect on the value of having good health, family and friends.
I wish you much joy, laughter and abundance.
There will be no video today (as I am spending extra time with the family) but I will return next Monday on youtube with more health tips to kick off the year.
The office will be closed for the last week of December and re-open Monday, Jan 3 at 10 am. To leave a message please call 905.896.3393.
As always – God Bless you and your loved ones.
Dr. Sandy Bhasin
Powerflow Chiropractic
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Booking by Appointments
As so much has changed in the world and we always seek to improve your experience in the office – we will now be booking your appointments by date and time.
So call ahead at 905.896.3393 to book a date and time that suits you
and our team will make an appointment for you.
As we are in transition – we kindly ask for your patience as we start this new system in our office.
Thanks for your understanding.
Mandatory Face Masks
Following local bylaws and building requirements – we are asking all patients to wear a face mask when you come to our office for your appointments. We need your help to keep everyone safe and healthy. We are also taking steps for regular cleaning of adjusting tables after every patient visit as well as regular cleaning of the entire office.
Your safety is our number one priority.
Dr.Sandy Bhasin
NEW REGULAR HOURS – Please book by appointment time for your regular visits. Drop-in patients will have to wait. Thank you.
Mon 10-12 2-6
Tues 2-6
Wed 10-12 2-6
Thu 2-6
Sat 10-12
As always:
a) if you have any fever, cough or cold or think you may have been exposed to someone with COVID – please cancel your appointment and wait 14 days. Contact your family doctor to decide on the best course of action.
b) if you are being tested for COVID wait for the results before booking your next appointment. If the results are negative you should be fine. If the results are positive you must stay home for at least 14 days. Again contact your family doctor.
c) in the office keep space between yourself and other patients of 6 feet.
d) If you need a receipt or statement they will be emailed to you after the shift. Let us know if you need a statement every 2 weeks or
Dr. Sandy Bhasin
Powerflow Chiropractic