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We need it to repair and recharge for the next day.
So what are the best sleep positions?
a) On your back. ( Neutral position of the spine, not bending your
neck forward.)
b) On your side. (Head is neutral – not up or down.)
c) Do not sleep on your stomach!
Sleeping on your stomach puts extra stress on your spine and nerve system and can lead to pain and discomfort.
For people with breathing issues, acid reflux or vertigo try sleeping propped up on your back with extra pillows like you are going to read a book in bed.
Pillows. Buy a firm one with good support. See what works for you.
a) Buckwheat in my opinion is the best.
b) Memory foam is popular.
c) A towel for back or side sleepers may be an option.
Mattress. Buy firm. A soft mattress is not recommended. I do recommend some coils for support.
Bonus Tips:
1. Make sure the temperature is on the cooler side in your bedroom.
2. Bedroom should be dark but a small light for safety should be
3. Sounds of water or fan from your phone may help you fall asleep. 4. Stretching before sleeping is highly recommended.
5. Prayer, meditation, deep breathing or your favourite jazz song
before bed may also help you have a deeper sleep.
Hope this article helps you sleep well and feel fresh in the morning.
Feel Powerful.
Dr. Sandy Bhasin
Powerflow Chiropractic
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