Breaking the Cycle

Ever wonder why the same back pain, headaches, sciatica, numbness keeps happening? Like you get better but then everything seems to come back again?
What is going on????
One thing to consdier is patterns. Although it feels like our body is random – it operates in a highly logical manner. It is constantly giving us feedback. There is something in all of us – that seeks self preservation. Your body gives you symptoms to tell you need to change something or that you are in the process of changing.
  1. You keep skipping meals. You suffer with gas and get weak. Your body will send you signals that something is wrong.
  2. You start doing exercise. Your sore for the next 3 days. You understand that the body feels stiff – but it’s because muscles are moving for the first time in awhile.
The focus of this article is when symptoms are negative and the body is tryiing to tell you to change something.
What needs to be addressed?
A. Your Self-Care – do you really take good care of yourself? Or are you always running? Are you always tired and stressed out? Are you getting enough rest? Do you drink enough water? Do you pray or meditate? Is your diet healthy? Do you smoke or drink to feel relaxed? Are you making time to exercise? Are you regular with your Chiropractic appointments? Are you creating time for fun and socializing?
B. Your Career – is it time for changing a department? Is it time to still pursue your career – but change who you work for? Where you work? Do you have a job that is just too hard on you physically or mentally? Is it time to learn a new skill and follow your passion?
C. Your Relationships – are most people in your inner circle positive? Uplifting? Patient? Understanding? Or are you surrounded by people who bring you down and drain your energy. Is there someone close to you that you need to speak to and share your feelings to make the relationship stronger and set boundaries? Are there some friends you need to see more of? Less of?
The point is unless you change a pattern – it will keep reoccuring.
So take the time to stop and reflect. And next time your in pain or not feeling your best – ask yourself where are you off? What are you not addressing? What is getting neglected? What needs your attention?
The body is your best friend.
Treat it that way.
Dr. Sandy Bhasin
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