Designing a Great 2020

2020. Amazing. A new year a new decade. So have you taken the time to plan and set targets for this coming year?

I challenge you to really make this a year of transformation. But most importantly…..customize. Really listen to your heart and mind and see what is important for you this year. Don’t just have a reflexive response like ” get healthy” or ” work life balance”.

What does that mean for you?

Is getting healthy mean more jogging? Joining a gym? Yoga? Lifting weights?

Work life balance. Does that mean coming home earlier from work? Working 5 days instead of 6? Does it mean changing career paths?

To really make this a year that counts…design your life. Think. Act. Reflect. And revisit your goals daily or at least weekly.

Make this a year of using the creativity of your mind and the power of your heart to create a magnificent life.

God Bless.

Dr. Sandy Bhasin