Heat or Ice – Which should I use?

Our mission in this office is to help our patients feel and function at their absolute best by naturally working with the body. We believe that Chiropractic along with proper exercise and nutrition are powerful ways to help the body rebuild itself.
As many of you know when patients are recovering from pain or discomfort we recommend the use of ice or heat depending on the situation.
Ice is usually used for extreme pain especially if the pain feels like shooting or a burning sensation. Use for 5-10 minutes maximum.
If you are concerned it’s too cold – you can use a gel pack that is from the fridge instead of the freezer.
Heat is best for stiffness or soreness. I recommend using gel packs, hot water bottles or bean bags and again for 5-10 minutes.
I’m not a fan of electrical heating pads as this seems unnatural.
Also please be careful not to place heat at the base of the skull as this can impact your blood pressure.
But – my number one rule is to see what works best. If heat or ice is providing comfort then please go for it. And if heat or ice is not comfortable please share with us on the next visit.

Patient Success Story:
” He has helped me on the road to a better me. ” – Lucy L.

Dr. Sandy Bhasin will be available to serve you and your family this week from Monday Nov 4 to Thursday Nov 7 but the office will be closed Saturday Nov 9 as he will be gone to a seminar. Regular hours will resume Monday Nov 11 at 9:30 am. Thank you.