Measure. Reflect. Succeed.

Amazing things happen when we start to measure things.
The human mind can tend to over or under emphasize things.
We can make things seems much better or much worse then they actually are.
So how to get to the truth?
Measure. Numbers are your friend.
Want to lose weight? Measure daily.
Want to improve blood pressure? Measure daily.
Want to more energy? Measure daily.
So that’s Part 1. So what’s Part 2?
Reflect. Analyze. Look for trends and patterns.
Had some good numbers? Had some bad numbers?
What did you do different that day?
Did you eat something different?
Did you get more sleep?
Did you get stressed out about something?
Keep looking at the numbers and keep reflecting.
They are giving you the keys to a great life.
Stay Strong. Stay Powerful.
Dr.Sandy Bhasin

Patient Success Story:
” Saw and felt immediate early improvements not just with easing of my back pain and discomfort but with mood, clarity and overall feeling of better well being. ” – Cheryl L.

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