There are 3 Major Causes of Damage to the Nerve System. Physical, Chemical and Emotional.

This article will focus on Physical Stress.

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So what are examples of physical stress on your spine and nerve system?

Sleep – the way you sleep will impact your spine. Sleeping on your back or side is best. Sleeping on your stomach is not healthy. Also, try to make sure your mattress and pillow are more on the firm side.

Exercise – excessive jumping on a hard surface can be damaging to your lower spine. Deadlifts and squats should also be avoided or done with extreme caution. Heavyweights can be very dangerous for your spine. So choose a weight that is easy to work with. High reps with light weights will always be safer than few reps with heavier weights. Also treadmills seem quite hard on the joints of the lower body. Consider an elliptical or stationary bike. A rowing machine is also another great workout machine as well. Try to keep your workouts to 30 minutes maximum as workouts longer than this may lead to injury. Finally have a rest day. Working out 3 to 6 days a week is fine.

Computer – using a computer all day is very hard on the spine. Try to get up every hour to stretch or get a glass of water. Consider doing some work on a counter with a laptop if you work from home. Or order a standing desk to keep you healthy. Be careful if you game or surf the internet after work or school as this will make spinal problems more likely.

Lifting/Bending – most of the damage from heavy lifting/bending is caused by being in a rush and doing too much at one time. Slow down while lifting the heavy object. Stretch before and after lifting. If you can always try to get help with heavier objects. Two people are always safer than one.

Next week I will review how Chemical stress or diet can affect your spine and nerve system.

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