The Most Important Person in Your Life

The Most Important Person in Your Life
I know it may sound selfish.
I know you may want to say your family.
Or someone you look up to.
But you are the most important person in your life.
And why would I say that?
Because the only way you can really help others – is to
put yourself first. Period.
Otherwise, you are running on empty.
Imagine – you care for others so much – you skip meals, you start to sleep less, you miss your exercise routines. You simply neglect yourself.
Over time this can lead to burnout. Or resentment. Or both.
Now of course there may be a time of sacrifice for a newborn child or someone in really poor health. But this works in the shorterm – not the longterm.
Years of not caring for yourself – leads to serious health issues.
So fill up your tank.
Take such good care of yourself – that you can take care of anyone.
With a heart full of love and abundance.
You’ll be happy. And so will the person receiving your love and kindness.
Stay Blessed. Stay Strong.
Dr. Sandy Bhasin
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