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This will probably one of the most powerful articles I write this year – if you follow the advice given. As always the choice is yours.

I bring to you – The Power System. A system to not only help you get out of pain – but to help you operate at your highest level possible. To not just run from crisis to crisis – but to bring more health and stability to your life. Not just to survive – but to thrive. To flourish. Consistency is the secret to this system to get amazing results.

Let’s start the journey!

Here are the 4 Keys to the Power System:

1. Powerfocus – make time in the morning to pray, meditate, journal, do a deep breathing exercise or read something inspirational. You need to set the tone for your day – not someone else. Start with even 5 minutes and you’ll start to see changes with time.

2. Powerfood – eat real food. More veggies, fruit and healthy protein. Don’t go for perfection – but go for excellence. Eat better and make sure you stay hydrated. Start looking at food as nourishment and not just entertainment.

3. Powerfit – the body was designed to move. Period. Strive for 5 days a week to stretch, do some cardio, mix in some resistance. Customize a routine that works for you and is sustainable. The easier your workout – the more likely you will be regular. Remember – you should feel refreshed after a good workout. This is your gold standard.

4. Powerflow – using Chiropractic for major pain and stress in the body is one way to apply it. But a better way to stay strong is with regular Chiropractic. To not only avoid pain – but to function at the highest levels and keep the spine and nerve system as healthy as possible.

I feel these keys applied over time will make your life and the ones you care about better and stronger for the future.

God Bless and Make Life Powerful.

Dr. Sandy Bhasin
Powerflow Chiropractic



Booking by Appointments

As so much has changed in the world and we always seek to improve your experience in the office – we will now be booking your appointments by date and time.

So call ahead at 905.896.3393 to book a date and time that suits you
and our team will make an appointment for you.

As we are in transition – we kindly ask for your patience as we start this new system in our office.

Thanks for your understanding.

Mandatory Face Masks

Following local bylaws and building requirements – we are asking all patients to wear a face mask when you come to our office for your appointments. We need your help to keep everyone safe and healthy. We are also taking steps for regular cleaning of adjusting tables after every patient visit as well as regular cleaning of the entire office.

Your safety is our number one priority.

Dr.Sandy Bhasin


NEW REGULAR HOURS – Please book by appointment time for your regular visits. Drop-in patients will have to wait. Thank you.

Mon 10-12 2-6
Tues 2-6
Wed 10-12 2-6
Thu 2-6
Sat 10-12

As always:

a) if you have any fever, cough or cold please cancel your appointment and wait 14 days to let your symptoms past. Contact your family doctor to decide on the best course of action.

b) if you are being tested for COVID wait for the results before booking your next appointment. If the results are negative you should be fine. If the results are positive you must stay home for at least 14 days. Again contact your family doctor.

c) in the office keep space between yourself and other patients of 6 feet.

d) If you need a receipt or statement they will be emailed to you after the shift. Let us know if you need a statement every 2 weeks or


Dr. Sandy Bhasin
Powerflow Chiropractic