Time to Detox and We Won Again! Thank you!

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Time to Detox!

Yes everyone it’s Time to Detox!

What a great way to start the year, especially after the holidays.

This video goes over what to avoid and what to add (from a nutrition angle) so you can start the new year with a boom!

Your brain and body will thank you for it!

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Time to Detox!

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Enjoy the video!

Do the work!

God Bless!

Thank you!

Dr. Sandy Bhasin DC

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We also won 2 awards! One for Best Chiropractor in Mississauga and One for Best Chiropractor in Peel Region. Thank you! To see my appreciation check out my video here:

Thank you for all your support!

A big thank you to God, my family, my friends, my team, and of course our amazing patients!

We are here to serve you and love to!

We will continue to be kind and respectful and work on changing our patient’s lives for the better every single day!

God Bless and thank you!

Dr. Sandy Bhasin DC



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Free Spinal Check-Up for Returning Patients, Family, and Friends!

Our friends and family program referral program has been a hit so for now this program is still ongoing!

This means your family and friends can sign up for a FREE Spinal Check-up. We are also extending this program to previous patients who have not been in our office for over 90 days and are ready to get back on track. The normal fee for this Check-Up is $50. This includes:

  • a review of health concerns
  • a physical exam of the spine
  • range of motion testing
  • bilateral weight testing
  • blood pressure testing
  • 3 neurological-based computer tests
  • using Insight technology

Do you have a family member or friend who is in poor health?

Are you looking to get back in greater health for yourself?

Then call or text our office at 905.896.3393 to book a Free No Obligation Spinal Check-up. This one appointment may turn around the life of someone you care about. Or even your own life.

Stop suffering or just being average. Let’s take your life to the next level!

Thanks again and God Bless,

Dr. Sandy Bhasin

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