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Water. We know it’s critical for life. We know our body is made of water. But just how important is water? Check this out.

According to H.H. Mitchell in the Journal of Biology :

the brain and heart are composed of 73% water
the lungs are about 83% water
the skin contains 64% water
the muscles and kidneys are 79% water
the bones are about 31% water

So my question to you is if we want the best life possible – shouldn’t water be part of that plan?

I would say yes!!!

So how much?

A general rule for most people is about 2 Litres. Urine colour should be fairly clear. Unless you have a certain health condition I would recommend water be what you drink 80-90% of the time.

Biggest benefits of drinking water:

Good for the Brain and Nerve System – drinking water helps your brain and nerve system recover and operate at the highest levels. This is a mandatory part of your program at our office. In fact, lack of water can affect your focus, memory and even your mood.
Good for the Heart – the heart and blood flow of your body will be better if you drink water regularly. Water helps your heart and kidneys work with ease which can really stabilize your blood pressure.
Good for the Muscles and Joints of the Body – your body will heal faster and feel stronger when water is a regular part of your diet. Remember the discs along your spine are made with about 80% water. Keep those discs nice and fluffy by drinking water. Plus hydration will help fight any inflammation affecting any muscle groups or joints in the body.

Reference: Medical News Today 15 Benefits of Drinking Water.

Remember – our mission is to help you and your family FEEL POWERFUL.

God Bless.

Dr. Sandy Bhasin
Powerflow Chiropractic

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Dr.Sandy Bhasin


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Dr. Sandy Bhasin
Powerflow Chiropractic