Top 5 Reasons Your Body Needs Sleep

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Probably one of the most neglected but most critical parts of being a healthy human being. 
So why do we need sleep?
I want you to reframe how you view sleep. Don’t see this as a useless activity where your body is doing nothing. Your body is actually healing. Repairing itself. Processing the current day and getting you ready for the next. It is truly a time of physical and emotional integration.
Research is showing us how critical sleep is.
Here’s the Top 5 Reasons you need good quality sleep: 
1. Lifespan – the Whitehall Study II in England found that lack of sleep affects how long a person lives. This study was done on roughly 10,000 people over 3 years. It seems lack of sleep impacts the cardiovascular system in a negative way. Please get the rest you need. 
2. Blood pressure – related to number 1 lack of sleep seems to increase blood pressure and throws off your blood sugar system. All of us but especially people dealing with diabetes need to be aware of this.
3. Better body weight. It seems with lack of sleep poor eating decisions are made. You feel tired and your body needs energy. You are more tempted to eat whatever is in front of you and crave more carb rich foods. You’re also more likely to skip exercise since you are short on energy. 
4. Emotional and mental well-being. We have all had that feeling of having our mood off with lack of sleep. Studies suggest that poor sleep can contribute to anxiety, depression, anger and feeling stressed. Sleep is also critical for focus, concentration and memory.
5. Physical health. Lack of sleep can lead to chronic problems of pain in the body. Why? It seems lack of sleep raises inflammation levels in the body which can lead to muscles being sore and feeling achy. 
Please make sleep a priority this year. Your body will thank you for it!
In next week’s article, I will go over 5 Tips for Better Sleep.
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