What is Functional Movement and 

Why Should I add this to my 




Functional movement is about training movements – not training muscles. I love that definition because the goal behind functional training is to protect your body and make it stronger at the same time.
So are what are core movements every human being should be able to do?
– Squatting
– Jumping
– Sprinting
– Pushing
– Pulling
– Lunging
These movements should be part of your workouts and make your regular day to day life so much better. Can’t do some of the movements? Modify them so you can even partially do them. 
Listen to your body ( exercise should always feel good – challenging but good) but I promise you more functional exercises will help you have a great quality of life.
Remember – a healthy nerve system with Chiropractic, proper movement and healthy nutrition will help you create the life you want. Now go do it!!!!
God Bless You.
Dr. Sandy Bhasin