Top 5 Ways to Get Natural Relief from Arthritis

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To watch the video on Arthritis Relief click here. In this video Dr. Sandy covers the 5 Ways to Get Natural Relief from Arthritis. While there are different types of arthritis - this video is more focused on osteoarthritis, which is associated with wear and tear in the joints as we get older. If you [...]

Best Stretches for Your Neck

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To watch the video on Best Neck Stretches click here. Ever feel tight muscles in your neck from using your computer, phone, driving or studying? In this video, I will cover the best stretches and health tips to keep your neck feeling its best. If you enjoy the video please like, share and subscribe! To [...]

Top 10 Ways to take an Office Break

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  To watch the video on Top 10 Tips for Taking a Break at Work click here. Regardless if you work at the office or at home - taking regular breaks will protect your health and actually make you more productive. Remember making time to relax, refresh and recharge is critical for your health and [...]

Happy Canada Day and Holiday Hours

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Happy Canada Day to you and your family! Wishing you amazing health, joy and happiness as we all take a day to celebrate this beautiful country! Holiday Hours Office Closed from July 1-July 10. The office will re-open Monday, July 12 at 10 am. Have a great one! Feel Powerful. Dr. Sandy Bhasin Powerflow [...]

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