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To watch the video click here. We all live in very busy and uncertain times and get exposed to tons of information - probably more now than at any time in history. Add the stress of work and balancing our family life and it can get really easy to get overwhelmed. And as I have [...]

Are You Proactive or Reactive?

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To watch the video click here. So what does this even mean being proactive vs reactive? Proactive - the choice of acting today for a better tomorrow Reactive - waiting for a situation that forces one to act After being in practice for over 20 years - I've definitely learned some things about life and [...]

Top 3 Benefits of Water

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To watch the video click here. Water. We know it's critical for life. We know our body is made of water. But just how important is water? Check this out. According to H.H. Mitchell in the Journal of Biology : the brain and heart are composed of 73% water the lungs are about 83% [...]

Do You Practice Kaizen?

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To watch the video click here. Kaizen. Such a powerful word. So what does it mean? It's actually a Japanese word I heard years ago that means " never-ending improvement ". Wow. How powerful is that! That means wherever you are there is always room to grow and get better. So let's start with your [...]


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To watch the video click here. Intensity. A very powerful word. And my question to you is how is your intensity? Of course, this applies to all of your life but in this article let's focus on your health. Are you intense about your health? Are you doing things for your health with intensity or [...]

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