FOOD: Where Do I Start?

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FOOD: Where Do I Start? Food. Diets. Meal Plans. Losing Weight. Gaining Weight. Seems like there is a new book everyday on how to eat right. So where do you start? What's the philosophy we follow at Powerflow Chiropractic? Keep it Simple. Make sure when you eat - it's real food as much [...]

Measure. Reflect. Succeed.

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Measure. Reflect. Succeed. Amazing things happen when we start to measure things.The human mind can tend to over or under emphasize things.We can make things seems much better or much worse then they actually are. So how to get to the truth? Measure. Numbers are your friend. Want to lose weight? Measure daily.Want to improve blood pressure? Measure [...]

Heat or Ice?

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Heat or Ice - Which should I use? Our mission in this office is to help our patients feel and function at their absolute best by naturally working with the body. We believe that Chiropractic along with proper exercise and nutrition are powerful ways to help the body rebuild itself.   As many [...]

How can Gentle Specific Chiropractic help me?

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How can Gentle Specific Chiropractic help me? Facebook: drbhasin @powerflowchiropractic 905.896.3393 Chiropractic is over 100 years old and like every profession and industry there is always advances and better more efficient ways to do things. I’ve always studied gentle Chiropractic techniques as I believe the patient experience should always be as comfortable [...]

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